if you’re a girl & you say you’ve never been physically attracted to a girl you’re lying girls are fucking hot

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence


He used to call me poison
Like I was poison ivy
I could have died right there
Cause he was right beside me
Jim raised me up
He hurt me but it felt like true love
Jim taught me that
Loving him was never enough


Has anybody ever actually gotten salmonella from eating raw cookie dough or are people just trying to stop me from living my life

Whenever I spot a book shop:




Everyone should watch Sky High for the sheer fact that there is a character whose mother is a superhero and father is a super villain and the kid’s name is Warren Peace. 

Warren Peace, man. 

He also looks like this, if that helps at all


This movie is ridiculously underrated and the fact that they didn’t get to make it a four-part series like they had planned is a tragedy 

I think I still have rain somewhere in my heart.
Kelwyn Sole  (via milkwolves)
Anonymous: My mom just told me that when she lived in Palestine there were turkish delights (sweets) wrapped in plastic and thrown in the wheat fields that she used to tend. She asked her mother if she could eat them and she told her that they'll kill her. Wallahi Israelis have no hearts.




Yup when I was there I was wondering who dropped all this candy everywhere and I saw that from the helicopters they were throwing buckets of candy everywhere. Poisonous candy. Killing animals, and children.



Your ordinary story bears the fingerprints of an extraordinary God.




apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad fuck” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

this gives me hope.

I love her. Oh my god.

i don’t
nice things
cause i
am paying
for sins i don’t
Anonymous: You can't kick people out of a certain land or claim that they don't belong there just because their ancestors invaded that area. I'm white, but I was still born in America and this land is my home and no one has a right to tell me to "go back to Europe". I didn't come from Europe, I come from America. This relates to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Most Israelis were born in Israel, and that is their home. Same thing with the Palestinians. No should be kicked out of the land where they were born


Actually, I think that the land should be shared by all, equally — though those who have been made refugees from their lands and have been subjected to genocide, such as Native Americans and Palestinians, should be given reparations, either monetarily or in kind.

The irony, however, is that the people most opposed to sharing the land are not the oppressed indigenous population, but rather the ancestors of the invading, colonizing population.

It has been white Americans who have kicked Native Americans out of their homelands. It is white Americans who stole Mexican land and now tell Mexican and other “immigrants” to “go back” to where they came from. It is white Americans who refuse to share the land with its original inhabitants.

Likewise in historic Palestine. It was the Israeli colonizers who kicked the native Palestinians out of their homelands and told them to “go back” to the surrounding regions. It is Israelis who want to remove all Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza and prohibit refugees in Jordan and Lebanon from returning to their homelands which Israel has annexed.

So what we see is that if we want a world in which all of the Earth’s inhabitants can share it and prosper equally, we have to fight against the white supremacist and European-colonist-supremacist notions which reject the very idea of sharing the land with the natives, but rather seek to ethnically cleans native lands, and then refuse the ancestors of those native populations the right to return to the lands that they were kicked out of by the colonial ancestors of the present-day dominant population.

If you are, as you say, in principle against “kicking people out of certain lands” or “claiming that they don’t belong there”, then you need to stand up to the racism against indigenous people, the chauvinism and ignorance of the ancestral colonial population, the refusal of the dominant society to recognize the just claims of the historically colonized peoples.

Otherwise, your concern about people being “kicked out of their homelands” will ring utterly and completely hollow.

For why should Native Americans or Palestinians — or even anyone who cares about social justice — given a damn about your right, as the descendant of a colonizer, to stay on occupied land, when you do not recognize the right of the indigenous population to seek redress for the injustices committed against them when they were kicked off their land by your ancestors.


10 Mesmerizing Buildings of Lahore.

Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the second largest and metropolitan city in the country. It is the largest native Punjabi-populated city in the world and an important historical centre of South Asia. With a rich history dating back over a millennium, Lahore is a main cultural centre of Punjab and Pakistan. Below is the list of 10 mesmerizing buildings of Lahore.

Lahore Fort.
Lahore Museum.
Badshahi Mosque.
Government College.
Wazir Khan Mosque.
Jinnah Library.
Cricket Club Bagh-e-Jinnah.
Railway Station.
Minar-e- Pakistan.
National Collage of Arts.